We developed the Rhomlas®-texture for the optimal grip surface. Special production runs with integrated logos are available for weapon manufacturers, dealers and shooting sport associations.

Hand Checkering

Hand Checkering

For many shooters a handcheckering is one of the most beautiful surface for grip panels. Traditionally, checkering is done by hand and is an option on several combat grips.

Smooth Oiled

Smooth (Oiled)

There are two reasons for choosing a grip with a smooth surface:
1. to show the beautiful figuration of the timber or other material used, or
2. to reduce the recoil by permitting a slight slip on the surface (specially for revolvers)

Smooth Top Finish Oiled

Smooth Top Finish Oiled


We only use selected products specially developed for wood. For our standard grips we are able to strengthen the stippled surface by lacquering. When producing laminated wood grips the beautiful colors are enhanced by lacquering.


After costly preparation of our exotic wood the grip surface is polished using our hard oil special.

Stippled Oiled

Stippled (Oiled)

For over 40 years NILL grips have been stippled. This special surface is ideal for highly contoured match grips, where it is important to have a non-slip texture extending over a large area and reaching as far as possible into all corners. Stippled match grips are oiled; service grips are additionally lacquered.

Stippled Lacquered

Stippled (Lacquered)

Fish Scale Checkering

Fish Scale Checkering

The Fish scale checkering is a very intensive to create structure, which can be normally found on high end hunting rifles. Partly this structue was also used for engraved pistols. We are very proud to have the opportunity to offer you this extraordinary structure which is buildt under a lot of efforts for different pistol models.



Our traditional hunter style shows our hand-engraving capabilities. We are capable of engraving a single grip or an entire production runs per request.

Oil Finish

We only use high-value and partly exclusively for our purposes developed natural oils for our products. All match grips made of walnut, Rhomlas®, hand-carved fish skin and the smooth grips receive a high-grade finish.