Plagiarism as far as the eye can reach...

The imitation of our products has always been a present matter during our 48-years of company history, however the number of plagiarists has drastically risen during the past years. Increasingly, they try to make profit out of our ergonomic design and the innovative product development of our grips and fully adjustable rifle stocks.

Even German manufacturers (such as Sig Sauer), for whom we developped and produced grips for many years, have adopted the design of our grips almost completely - and are having them produced elsewhere outside of Germany. Meanwhile, copies of our modular Ergosign EvoComp stock system, having been developped and patented over several years, are offered by freeriders.

In this place, we would like to inform you about the multitude of plagiarism available and want to warn you about their (partly) extremely inferior quality. Please do not be fooled by these rip-offs.

Theodor Fontane (German novelist and poet, 1819-1898) once said: “You should not get irritated over plagiarism/imitations. Since they are presumably the most sincere of all compliments”. We thus take the growing number of imitations as an assignment to maintain the innovative product design and the outstanding quality of our products (“100 % Made in Germany”) and sustainably accelerate the development of our grips and rifle stocks. For our customers – and the beloved shooting sport.