Matchgrips for revolvers

- adjustable, with or without finger grooves
- non-adjustable in standard sizes (80, 85, 90, 95, 100 mm)
- orthopaedic from plastics moulding

The most important connection between the shooter and the firearm is the grip.  Only when this connection is perfect the revolver can be evenly held, shot for shot, in the hand. With decades of practical  experience in the workshop and training at the shooting range, Wilfried Nill and his employees have exactly the wherewithal to optimise the hand position of a firearm. The ergonomically formed grips meet the specifications of the International Olympic Association, the ISSF and other organisations. Over the hand, the horn  (beavertail) runs toward the wrist and fixes the hand from above. Therefore these grips should not be used with magnum loads (no warranty for calibres over .38 special).

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Thumb rest for revolver match grips

These grips are especially made for single action disciplines. They are mainly produced for single hand use only. These grips are not suitable for speedloaders, but the revolver can be easily loaded and unloaded by hand.


Adjustable match grips without finger grooves

These grips are made for diverse hand widths with the broadest possibilities for use. The fingers lie evenly together and must not fit in any pre-formed finger grooves. Therefore they are especially suited for somewhat smaller hands.


Adjustable match grips with finger grooves

Appropriate finger grooves offer extra grip comfort. The concave moulding enlarges the contact surface of the fingers with the grip surfaces. This reduces the felt recoil. In combination with the complete ergonomics of the grip, these features allow for a longer, relaxed holding of the revolver.


Standard Sizes 80/85/90/95/100 mm

The lateral edge rest is fixed in these match grips. The entire ergonomic moulding is matched to the individual sizes and includes finger grooves. It is essential to inform us of your firearm model and barrel length.

Orthopaedic from plastic moulding

At your personal fitting appointment, a plastic moulding of your hand will be made and, with close attention to detail, all contour elements of the grip will be fine tuned according to the hand form and shooting posture. The result is a grip that fits like a glove and that, when
aiming, seems to find the bull's-eye on its own. Even in protracted competitions the grip fits without pressure points and fatigue.