Pistol grips


Replacement grips for pistols

  • symmetrical
  • ergonomically designed
  • without finger grooves
  • thumb rest for right-handed shooters
  • thumb rest for left-handed shooters
  • extended grips (see Special Grips)

Anatomically formed ergonomic grips enhance hand positioning, which helps provide confident control of the gun. Through the technical  preparation of the inside face of the grip, the foundation is laid for an optimal external form, even with heavier calibre pistols with  high-capacity magazines. Available in walnut, the grips with thumb rest are stippled. The symmetrical designs are mostly with Rhomlas® (also  in special series for important occasions). For tuned firearms with customised service components, we offer the possibility of custom  modification.

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"The Master's"

for PPC 1500 / Bianchi Cup

  • symmetrical
  • ergonomic form
  • extended version with shelf for the little finger

In the last few years right, left and double handed shooting disciplines have steadily increased in popularity. Developed in response to these special demands, these grips offer the highest degree of comfort. The shooting hand and the supporting hand find the optimal position through the pronounced ergonomic moulding and extension below. Experienced shooters are winning more and more national and international titles with these grips.

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Special grips for Pistols

  • symmetrical
  • ergonomic form
  • extended versions
  • thumb rest for right-hand shooters
  • thumb rest for left-hand shooters

These grips are a modification from our standard range, developed for special needs and shooting disciplines. They are anatomically symmetrical, for matches where right- and left-handed shooting is obligatory or where thumb rests are not allowed. There is no reason to accept compromises in the enjoyment of your sport. Uncomfortable pressure points are a thing of the past, and improved shooting comfort will help you to improve your averages.

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Replacement grips for pistols

made of exclusive materials

  • symmetrical

Not every pistol is regularly shot. For admirers of firearms who enjoy something special we offer exclusive grips from our product range, with smooth polished surfaces, in fancy walnut, Amboina, and other exotic woods as well as ivory. It is also possible to have your grips hand engraved with oak-leaf cluster or other motifs, according to your wishes.

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Adjustable Matchgrips

for Pistols (AP, SP, FP, Large Bore)

  • adjustable, with finger grooves
  • adjustable, without finger grooves
  • different sizes from S to XL
  • also left-hand variants

Especially in static, single-handed disciplines the grip is the decisive link between the shooter and the pistol. Only when this is perfect can the highest levels be reached. With their decades of experience at the range and in the workshop, Wilfried Nill and his team can offer the right grip from the range of different hand sizes and guns, thereby decisively improving the form-fit of your pistol.

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Non adjustable Match grips

for Pistols (AP, SP, RFP, FP)

  • standard sizes, non-adjustable (80, 85, 90, 95, 100 mm)
  • standard sizes, non-adjustable from hand outline sketch
  • orthopaedic from plastic moulding

As the model range for adjustable match grips has grown, the requirement for grips in standard sizes has been reduced. For shooters whose hand size requires the making of a custom grip, a modified standard size grip can offer a wellfitting, individual grip. The perfect fitting match grip, however, can only be made by means of an individually formed grip model from the experienced hands of Wilfried Nill.

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