Walnut standard

Walnut, Standard

To assure the high quality standard of our NILL-grips we exclusively use selected and seasoned walnut.

Walnut selected

Walnut, Selected

Walnut grained

Walnut, Grained

Our Grained Walnut is, without exception, first-class, hand picked wood of high quality. The nobility and figuring of the grain comes to life with our high gloss finish.



This fine grained, dense wood is exceptionally hard and has a silky feeling to it. The tones vary from mid-brown to magenta with dark stripes for a play of light and shadow.

Laminated wood

Laminated Wood

Don´t confuse Laminated Wood with plywood. The Laminated Wood used for our grips is a high grade, multi-ply material in line with our stringent demands for quality. It is made according to our wishes and in colour variations of our choice by selected manufacturers. The beautiful colours come to life when the wood is varished.

Maple, Stabilized

In a complicated procedure the capillaries of the wood are impregnated and conserved with resin. The effect of the resin, combined with various constituents of the wood (minerals etc.) creates an unusual play of colour, light and shadow. Grips of Stabilised Maple need not be oiled, but should be burnished on a buffing wheel. At the moment we are not finishing grips in this material.

Maple White Laquered

Maple, White Laquered

From time to time we produce white lacquered grips in limited series. They are suitable for collector firearms.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Drop-forged Steel

Drop-forged Steel

Within our tuning parts the beavertails and magazine floor plates are made of drop-forged steel. This complex and intensiv method guarantees for highest quality and durability in order that you will enjoy your new parst for a very long time.

Arbor Vitae / Thuya

Arbor Vitae / Thuya

A very well known tree. Knots often develop in it's roots, each with a unique and beautiful grain structure. The wood is rich in natural oils and it's colours range from warm tones to fiery tints