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Integration of the Rhomlas® surface at the grips’ back on Master II grips for Sig Sauer pistols


In the future, all Master II grips for Sig Sauer pistols will have the grippy Rhomlas® surface also integrated at the grips’ back. In addition to the optical enhancement, this means that the grip lies even better in the hand from shot to shot and thus guarantees a constant shooting position.

Sig Sauer P226 LDC and LDC II


For the Sig Sauer P226 LDC and LDC II, two different versions are available in our production program.

Article numbers (each in standard size):

P226 LDC: SS0458-3 (Ergonomic symmetrical standard version)

P226 LDC: SS04X8-3 (Master II version)

P226 LDC II: SS0458MW-4 (Ergonomic symmetrical standard version)

P226 LDC II: SS04X8-4 (Master II version, see picture)

Please find further information under the column „FAQ“.

SIG-Hämmerli P240


The popular Master II grip is now available for this model under article number SH01X8 with a closed back in standard size.

S&W J-frame


Based on our thousandfold proven Phil Hemphill grips, we can now offer a particularly flared model for right and left hand shooters also for the small frame. This grip has been developed for the BDMP discipline 5-Shot and fits perfectly in the hand from shot to shot due to its ergonomic shape and its especially grippy Rhomlas surface, which we have now also integrated on the back of the grips, and therefore guarantees a consistent shooting position.

Article number: SW059PHG8

Further pictures you will find here.

Special Grips for S&W Revolvers


These grips with finger grooves, thumb rest and slide palm rest feel especially comfortable to hold. They give to the shooter a feeling of being melted together with his hand. These grips made from walnut are available in left- and right-handed versions.

New about these grips is our Rhomlas structure, which additionally improves the grip handling and increases their visible appearance. The ergonomic shape has been optimized in detail and the area between thumb and index finger has been expanded upwards. Due to their new shape, these grips are now better adapted to the shooter’s hand.

Article numbers (standard size right):

S&W N-Rahmen round-butt: SW01P8

S&W N-Rahmen square-butt: SW02P8

S&W K/L-Rahmen round-butt: SW03P8 (see picture)

S&W K/L-Rahmen square-butt: SW04P8

These special grips are available from May 2017 on also in size XL.

Special Grips for S&W Model 41


These grips offer ideal conditions to sport shooters who want to use their sport pistols for service-pistol or hunting-sport disciplines. Their ergonomic shape allows easy access to operating elements.

Our grips SW11J8 (without thumb rest, see picture above) und SW11G8 (with thumb rest, see picture below) are now available with Rhomlas surface and an improved design.

Manurhin MR73 / MR 38 Match / MR32 Match / MR22 Match


The popular Phil Hemphill grips with closed back are now available also for the above mentioned revolver models. Here the advantage is with single action shooting or shooters with longer fingers because the hand is set, compared to open grips, about 5mm further back. Thus the position of the trigger finger relative to the trigger is improved. The complete grip shape and form-fit also agree more fully with ergonomics of the hand.

Our Rhomlas structure additionally expanded to the finger grooves also increases the hold when shooting.


Article number (standard size, see picture above): MR036PHG8

Article number (size XL, see picture below): MR036PHG8XL

Walther PPK


These replacement pistol grips are fabricated with much attention to detail. In this way, the high expectations of our sporting, hunting and security customers are fulfilled. These grips are ergonomically formed and symmetrical, the operating and handling elements are easy to reach.

On our grips WA1258 the Rhomlas structure has now been expanded over the back strap. Thus these grips offer more hold against the lateral rotation of the pistol from the shooting hand.


The new grips WA125C8 are a shorter and more compact version of our grips WA1258 and close exactly with the lower magazine floor. But these grips can be used with the long plastic magazine floors as well.


Our grips WA1278 (with thumb rest) are from now on only available with Rhomlas structure also extended over the back.

Sig P210


The visible appearance on our Sig P210 grips SI0158 and SI0158SW (picture) has also been improved, compared with our previous versions, by a new design in the back area which increases the grip hold as well.

As a large number of variations of the Sig P210 pistols are offered, this new design will gradually be applied to all our P210 standard grips from now on.