made of excclusive materials

- symmetrical
- with finger grooves
- square butt grip
- round butt grip
- open grip back
- compact size

In very limited quantities, exotic woods and also ivory*² are used during normal
production runs, and then finished as special, exclusive and unique grips. Such
very valuable and attractive materials are rare and not always available. They
are classified according to quality and rarity. Each receives a special screw
(double sided screw head with slot and rosette). Since there are many tolerance
differences even in the same model of revolvers, we recommend that you let us
use your revolver for an exact fitting.


Grained Amboina

This knotty, reddish to yellow wood, grown in Burma (Myanmar), is used mostly by custom knife-makers. For many years we have made grips especially for Korth and S&W revolvers out of this very noble material.



This fine-grained, dense wood is exceptionally hard and has a silky feeling to it. The tones vary from reddish brown to magenta, with dark stripes for a play of light and shadow. This fine wood is used mostly for making revolver grips.


Arborvitae (thuya)

A very well known tree. Knots often develop in its roots, each with a unique and beautiful grain structure with bird's eyes. The wood is rich in natural oils and its colours range from warm tones to fiery tints.



As in the past, there are many friends of this unusually pure but in appearance humble material. We are happy to say that after lengthy correspondence with all relevant authorities we have permission to sell, with CITES authorisation, from our stock of
ivory and can offer to produce ivory grips on request.
(Export to non-EU countries only with import/export authorisation. Export to the USA is not possible.)


Luxury style with finger grooves in fancy grained walnut

For individuals who appreciate fancy, exotic woods, these grips are not only beautiful but they are ergonomically perfect. The sometimes more than three-hundred-year-old wood is dressed in an extensive procedure to an ultra-smooth surface and finished with a high quality oil.