Replica grips for revolvers


The classic S&W Coke bottle grip

We have re-created this timeless classic of the original Coke bottle grip of yesteryear. Now collectors and enthusiasts will be able to restock their revolvers with a premium version of the most sought-after S&W grip. The grip is made of top-quality walnut and is hand chequered. The grip screw is a stainless steel,double-headed design.

S&W M&P K-frame round butt grip

The history of one of the most successful revolver designs of all times, the Smith & Wesson Military and Police, began in 1899 when S&W began to manufacture its Hand Ejector model. One of the first models had a grip like this. Nill Grips produces these high-quality hand-chequered grips in walnut with an oiled finish in a special production run.


S&W N-frame square butt grips

The history of the S&W N-frames began in 1908 with the introduction of the New Century Hand Ejector revolver. These revolvers were equipped with very slim grips. They were typical of that era of single action revolvers. Thanks to a special production run we can now offer our customers these grips again.


Single action grips with palm swell

The orthopaedic form and the palm swell provide improved handling characteristics.


Extended XL versions

On request we can also offer grips that are extended by 13mm. These grips are especially suitable for users with larger than average hands.